The California Organic Shake Mix

Introducing the California Organic Shake. 

Organic Chia, Maca Root Powder, Moringa Leaf Powder, Hibiscus flowers, Dried Parsley, Dried Dandelion.

Mix with your favorite fruit, vegetables or leafy green vegetables, add Diluted Coconut Mana and a little purified water or ice and blend for a shake that could come from no where but California, USA!  Make your shake to go! Power up for your workout or school!

The Calfornia Organic Shake was designed by Ms. Anna Marie Carter aka The Seed Lady of Watts and Mr. John Roulac, President of Nutiva, Inc.  Another super successful product creation!

Under Mr. Roulac's directive, Ms. Carter lost 90lbs in 4 months utilizing the Organic Chia formulation and the dance -

The California Shake! (see in March on YouTube).




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