REAL GOOD HAIR GROW, GROWS HAIR REAL GOOD!  THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR SALE.  By sending a donation to us to assist us in raising the necessary funds to purchase our State of the Art Greenhouses from the Texas Greenhouses Company, Ms. Carter will make you a personal batch, designed for your hair type to assist in helping you grow your hair long.  It is a gift for a donation of $20 or more!  All proceeds go directly to the purchase of the greenhouses for our farms in California.  You also get to receive organic heirlooms seeds from our greenhouses for your donation!

Send Ms. Carter an email describing your personal needs at

This product can be used on the skin after bathing and while the skin is still wet, also!

Thank you for helping us help you!  Please allow up to 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

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