Non-GMO Organic Chia Seeds

Non-GMO Chia Seeds are hard to find!  Ms. Carter has a private label from Nutiva for the finest Chia Seeds in the World!

Using Chia for the last 2 months, Ms. Carter has lost 3 dress sizes.  The Chia Seeds swell to up to 14 times their weight in liquid to expand inside of you to make you feel full!  Chia gives you lots of energy and clears your bowels of all waste!

Ms. Carter uses Chia in everything she eats!  Go to and click on Introduction - Nutiva Videos Chia Seeds with the Seed Lady of Watts!

Ms. Carter is now working to lose an additional 45 pounds using Chia in the next 6 months!  Join her and lose the weight off your middle too!

Remember, There is a lot of GMO laden Chia out there!  Nutiva is the best!  When you purchase from our private label, you help build our new organic greenhouses! 

Grow with us!

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